A Bit About Us

It all began in the late ‘70s when I was a spotty, long haired teenager who had just been handed the keys to his first car, Betsy.  She was a grand old lady with a registration plate I have been kicking myself for not hanging onto ever since, 105 RCV.  A Vauxhall Victor with a bench seat which rocked (literally), drum brakes that stopped you (eventually) and a leak that required a Tesco bag to be worn on your left foot in wet weather. Nevertheless, she was mine and I was free to roam wherever I pleased at long last, or should I say as far as Betsy decided to take me before demanding another expensive repair!  Despite her many issues, Betsy had real character and I cleaned and polished her to within an inch of her life… well, at least until the rust patches gave way.   And so began my obsession with shiny cars.



Many vehicles have come and gone since Betsy, but my passion for cleaning cars has never waned.  I pursued my interest over the years, visiting professional detailing organisations and learning about high end products developed to protect the most super of supercars, to the point that I can bore even the politest dinner guest with tales of pastes and potions.


I guess over the years I became known as the strange character who would be on his drive in all winds and weathers lovingly washing, polishing and detailing his cars, as soon I was being asked by neighbours if I would give their vehicles the ‘Tommy treatment’.  Word quickly spread and before I knew it I was receiving calls from strangers who had been recommended to me.  My hobby was rapidly becoming a serious business opportunity, and so after taking a deep breath and saying a little prayer I gave up my ‘sensible’ career, and Top Marques Auto Valet was born.


OK, so my hair may be shorter these days, but I do at least still have some, albeit a different colour, and I’m pleased to say the acne has longsince disappeared, but I still have those fond memories of Betsy and the joy she brought me in those early days when she would wink at me when the sun caught her eye.  If only I’d hung onto that darned registration number………

Tommy Matthews